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 was founded in Copenhagen 2015 by Michala Wiesneck  In Michala Wiesneck Copenhagen based studio there are a big appreciation of Scandinavian aesthetics and understand Luxury.

 While the collections may appear to be about femininity at first sight with exclusive prints, Michala interest is in creating clothes that are entirely unique and timeless, innovative and driven by emotional curiosity.
Michala is simply in love with traditions but also love breaking up with them, 
and search for new horizons and untold design stories.  The result is a collection that has a distinctive elegance that is based transformation of a classic wardrobe items - REWORKED CLASSICS.
It's a non-prejudice brand there are NO boundaries, NO borders, NO rules….
The ordinary is replaced the unexpected, it all about creating a collection with rites and traditions while at the same time capturing a modern contemporary essence of life. 

The Designer Michala Wiesneck is the designer and the founder of M • Wiesneck. 
Michala was born into a family of artiste’s, from an early age Michala’s suitcase was always packed and ready to travel around the globe. 
She lived in India, Nepal and France among others countries in her childhood.

Michala’s next step in life was moving to Paris were she studied at the legendary Haute couture School “Chambre Syndicale de Haute couture Parisienne.“ 
and worked for Christian Lacroix couture house and Cacharel among others.

After 10 years in Paris, Michala packed her suitcase once again and travelled back to Copenhagen where she directed the entire creative vision of several big design companies; Inwear, Day, and latest Esprit design studio in Amsterdam.

With a 360° vision of the fashion industry and abroad experience from haute couture to pret–a-porter, Michalas next journey in life was to launch her own brand – where her adventurous, creative and traveler at heart personality everyday can inspire her designs in the M • Wiesneck collection.